Dear Sen. Kolkhorst, So You Want Me to Use the “Women’s” Bathroom?

I agree that we need to address the fact that we live in a rape culture, but scapegoating transgender people sidesteps the real issue: the inequality of power between genders. We live in a male dominated society, in which sexual assault and domestic violence are systemic rather than abnormal. Any violent act stems from the desire to establish and maintain power over someone, not from inherent deviance or moral corruption. So let’s begin by addressing the legacy of the disempowerment of women and children and what this really has to do with transgender people…

Fitcher’s Bird or the Girl Who Rescued Herself

It takes courage to point out the failures of a system that works for most people privileged by its biases. Often this generates negative and hateful attention, because this helps all of us to see our own shortcomings within the given system, bringing up shame, anger and fear. But the heroine in the story reclaims the symbols of violence, audaciously dressing in feathers as a way to embrace the cultural branding of a witch, while at the same time calling into the public arena questions of why such people are deserving of violent and genocidal oppression in the first place. The hero of any story, to me, is one who has the courage to be unashamed to be themselves, even in the face of death, and to stand up for others to do the same.

dreams: the star guides – solo art show in portland, or

This body of work comes directly from my dreams. I feel that our dreams are the veins and arteries into the bigger organism of which we are a part. The dreams of our sleep reveal the storylines we have created about our waking life. How then, I ask through drawing and painting, do we letContinue reading “dreams: the star guides – solo art show in portland, or”

Learning the Tones Between the Notes of the Standard Scale

As we interact with our surroundings, we create resonances that spread from our actions. The dominant culture creates a kind of standard scale, which we are taught to use socially. The act of play allows us to experiment with tones not normally encouraged. My favorite thing to play as a child was the piano. StrikingContinue reading “Learning the Tones Between the Notes of the Standard Scale”